Dienstag, 27. September 2011

sou-chan no bouken

Just a quick update~
University starts next week and I feel like i haven't done anything art-related during my whole vacation. Plus, next semester I'll be doomed. Bluntly speaking.

Anyway, I've been doodling some stuff in my free time (when, for once, I had some sort of mood to daw, lol)


For some reason I don't even remember atm I decided to punish Souken by drawing him as a cute chibi with dog ears and tail :3
He's stalking Ginko in her sleep >D (bet he has some naughty thoughts in his head?)


Guess that was his reaction upon seeing himself all cuddly and cute :3 (he must hate me).


Aaand a more Souken-ish expression xD


Also working on redesigning Koemi a little (Souken, too), since I figured the original sketches I made of 'em where too hard for repeated drawing xD


This came out of nowhere. Literally. My bff's and my oldest oc's, from a comic that never ever recived a name xD It's been 10 years already... <3


Finally, this is what happens when you look up Lovely Complex fanart and realize your taller than your bff (?).

Long live randomness.
I think I have more doodles somewhere on my hard drive, but I'm too lazy to search. So I'll end for today owoU

Montag, 12. September 2011

Something to live for

We all need such a thing.
I think it's a very lovely title, even if it's long x3
What title, you wonder?
Well, I did introduce some characters in the previous entries... if anybody cares to remember or check... Souken, Koemi and Fuu-chan.
The now do have a story. They are part of an RPG we started with Shinju (aka Fullanime) some time ago...
And I made some more little drawings.


A headshot of Souken. This fellow is quite funny~ I'm getting really attached to him nwn


And this is the latest character I created for the story. He has a lot to do with Souken, but since I haven't really introduced this part yet, I won't go further into that topic (otherwise I'd spoil the fun, nee, Ginko-chan n___n ?)


And last but not least, TLotND II!
We were talking about how the next generation would get along once they grow up a little more, and reached the conclusion that Nobu would be totally over-protective of 'his Yuki'. Since the twins were Nobus first and only friends and they grew up together, he must have developed some brotherly-feelings to her :3 Also, his dragon-blood plays a role in this - he's be as loyal as his father is to his feelings... We'll, no, He wouldn't be that extreme n__nU
Nee-chan has been trying really hard to motivate me ;//; I hope she will forgive me some day for being such a useless partner lately ;_________; Nee-chan, gomene!

Myeah. That's all. There is more stuff, but I don't feel like uploading more atm xD!
Stay healthy!

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011


Well, sort off.
I tried to get down some of the art trads and prize arts I owe people on deviantART... but somehow I always end up demotivated and doodle some personal stuff instead >_>U

Well, these are from the past few days~


This little fellow's name is Fuu. She's a spirit, a mix of an fukuko and the goddess fortuna from... greek? (or roman?) mythology. You know. Fortuna is blind ;D
However, Fuu is not exacly blind. But she's really fun - I haven't officially used her yet, but fooled around with my Nyan about how she'd fit into an RPG of ours xD And with her extreme dear of water... oh well, she's just adorable xD Anyways, I have her story/character/powers all in my head, just waiting for her to appear somewhere - and there are more than one option :'D


This one... was totally random. I erased the second character that was sketched there, though ewe 'cause it'd be a spoiler. Though nobody would notice anyway since I am a lazy ass and haven't updated the story in 2 years, I think TT^TT oh well...
Anyway, that's Chiyo for you. Not looking too creepy, for once xD

I hope I get my tablet back soon *///* Not as if I was a big digital artist, but I come to love SAI more and more, and mouse-chan is just... it's too much for Mouse-chan, let's face it ;w; *hugs mouse-chan*

Uhm... that's all. My entries here are lame xD
Take care :3

Mizuhi over'n out~

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Summer Vacatiion~!

Oh yeah bby~ Finally =w=
Although his semester was not as loaded as the previous, it was still tedious... for various reasons, uni-related and others. Anyways, today I had to sit my last exam (for the time being), so, if ignoring the write-a-ten-page-assignement-part, it can be oficially said: Mizuhi's free xDD

Hyped as I am, it's time to spam with some old (and even some recent) stuff :'D

First, low-quality photos of my beloved paper children xDD


Sen-kun, biting me (how dare you?! I'm your creator!!)


And Akio giving a tiny-five in Barney Stinson style (yeah, I made that after watching the first season of How I met Your Mother XD ~ )


conceptual painting of an old, half-finished lineart of the wonderland series xD (did this a long time ago too...)


Two new OCs who are waiting to get into a certain story XD Koemi the Jorogumo and Souken the Okuri-inu =w= ~ Making them was fun >w<


And finally, a recent lineart, part of a art-trade-challenge-series-to-improve-our-skills we started with Shinju a while ago x3

So much grom me.
I'm doodling right now, too, so hopefully there will be fresh work some time soon (if nothing unexpected happens and I get kidnapped by my parents, for example)
So take care everybody owo

Mizuhi over'n out.

Montag, 27. Juni 2011


Trying to color this with mouse is masochism.
Rather it is suicide ^^


From left to right:
Ryuu, Mirage and Brook

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

Baka Trio

A very nice, spanish word, meaning that I get all hyped about drawing (?)
Nevermind ;w;U
'New' Lineart, remake of Fubuki no Kokoro from 2009:


New version:


My Nyan said she'd color it ;w; sdgfskgfbs~
I have more stuff I could upload, but I'm too lazy to get the scanner working again xD Maybe next time =w=b

Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Threw all the unfinished stuff that's been covering my desk onto the scanner for masive upload xD (?) Added color-spots to some of 'em... because I wanted. Lol. Idk. Call it concepts xD?


Yumiko from inbetu XD left side: present. right side: as teenager owo


maria + gilbert (from hetalia), finally doing my part of a veeery odl art trade with yukifibiki xD


Yukino, Atsushi and Nobu, TLotND's next generation (?) XD Maybe around 10 years old? I suck at designing clothes... this was totally random XD


TLotND II - again xD older versions of Shiun and Nyo-chi :'D


Concept for a new character for TLotND II (?) If it ever was needed.... Her name'd be Tsubaki ^^U

Curse randomness.
I gotta stop procastinating...

Montag, 16. Mai 2011


I'm trying to cheer up. Life's been hard lately. Not exacly on me, but oh well...
First doodle in 2 weeks...

Oh Akio... You should know better than anybody that it's insane to flirt with Hikaru in front or Eri... right?
And Hikaru didn't even get your intentions.
Sen, you owe Eri a big favour :3

Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2011


Sometimes people get angry at you when you don't tell them what's going on with you and they only know about your misfortune at the very end.
They say you should have told them from the beginning.
That you should have asked for help.
That they would have wanted to be there for you.
To comfort you.
To hug you.

Some of them are pissed because you were suffering.
Others just because they weren't told and forget the subject right away.

Sometimes you go ahead and tell people straight ahead you're not doing well.
They say things like them feeling sorry for you.
That you may ask them for help anytime you need it.
That they will be there for you.
To comfort you.
To hug you.

Some of them will ask you then next time you talk how everythig turned out, how you are feeling.
Others will have forgotten.
And some of them will stop carring ten minutes later, after they consider they gave you enough pats on the head and forget the subject right away.

And then the day comes when they are in a shitty situation.

Those who encouraged you in the past, you'll try to help them as well.
Because you are grateful. Because you care. Because you don't want them to suffer. Because just want to.

But what about those which didn't really listen to you, but now expect you to react?

Are you generous enough to forgive and forget and do everything for them what they missed to do for you ?
Isn't that just naive?

Will you forgive while not forgetting, helping them anyway?
Are you really so noble?

Will you neither forgive nor forget but help because you don't want to be the same level as them?
Isn't that being fake?

Or will you be the same, pretend for 1 minutes you care, pat their head and change the subject just as they did?
Wouldn't you feel dirty?

Or will you will you reject them openly? Telling them you are offended because they didn't help you either?
Isn't that being too selfish?

Or making up excuses to not havng to listen to them?
Aren't you being a coward?

Freitag, 29. April 2011


Remember I mentioned in the last post I had one picture with more characters than the one displayed in said post? Well, I found some old photographs of it xD Yeah, no scans, it was size A3, so there was no way to fit it into my scanner, and I don't usually make use of copyshops (so embarrasing otl). It's from 2008 :'D





So, if I am not mistaken there are... 17 and 1/2 characters xD!
The composition was mostly referenced on some picture I found on Google. I think it was with characters form Da Capo... but I don't really now, and I eventually lost it anyway. But there weren't enough characters, so I added as many as needed =w=

Maaan, that was though work. I think 2 markers died in the process ;w; Rest in Piece, beloved fineliners, it was for a higher purpose (?)

That's it.
Take Care~
Mizuhi over n' out -dashes into the pillows-

Dienstag, 26. April 2011

inbetu challenge

Yup, so I was planning to draw some prize arts or art trades this weekend and ended up doing neither. The thing is I stare at the paper and just can't come up with a decent concept, nor do I feel like continuing the ones I already started... So I just started to draw random poses and stuff, creating my latest inbetu experimental-artwork (titeled 'your choice'). And thus one came to another and I was in a inbetu mood and just continued drawing till 4 am (though I had to get up at 9 am for my lecture ^^U). Though I initially wanted to make another remake (this time of my very fisrt oficial inbetu picture ever) I ended up adding more and more characters, making it unconsciously to the second-largest group picture ever drawn by Mizuhi O_o (the only one which was bigger is a poster I made of the-comic-wich-exists-for-good-10-years-now-but-never-recived-a-name, or how I call it for short 'nameless' :3 The poster was on A3 and featured 16 characters, if I recall correctly. Maybe I'll post a photo later).
So this one only displays 'only' 13 characters. 3 more and the whole cast would have been together, but there wasn't enough space xD


Starting in the top left corner we have:
Tetsuya (upside down); Kawanari (pointy ears, scar over the face); Jiirou (from behind); Naoko (with the broken chain).
Row below, again left-to-right:
Arisu (closed eyes); Eri (curled hair); Akio (with stripes all over his face).
Row below, letf to right:
Scientist with glases (I keep forgetting his name...); Chiyo (girl with glasses); Hikaru (smiling, in a dress); Sen (guy with wolf-ears); Sachiko (with fluffy ears and tail).
And last but not least, in the lower right corner we have Tai.

That's it. I hope not to gove up and eventually finish it some day. And all the other drawings too.
Thanks for reading :3

Take care~

Montag, 18. April 2011

slowly getting into motion

As the title claims. Not only am I starting to work on some of the promised (to various peopl) drawings, I am also eager enought to do a little spring cleaning xD Now only thing left is to become more serious about my studies...


First drawing of the Wonderland series <3 Seme-looking Nyalice and a Mizusagi x3 I am actually quite proud of the pose, though I don't really get the anatomy issues 100% right here...


A prizeart I owe Hazu-chan on deviantART :3 It's her OC Fehl from The Devil of the Orchard. Luce has to be drawn yet ;w; But he's giving me a really hard time, belive me...

Okay. I should start learning for tomorrows latin test. But since I feel more like watching How I met Your Mother I suppose that I'll end up doing that instead n_nU

Well, see ya all!

Samstag, 16. April 2011

It's unfair

...that the less time you have, the more you feel like drawing. Le sigh. Wonderland-fever keeps on, now reinforced with the Kuroshitsuju OVA Ciel in Wonderlan xD This is getting slightly dangerous, ahaha.
But nevertheless, I can't bring myself to actually draw the Wonderland series I am planning to ;_; Fustrating!
At least the remake-drawings go on ._. This time I'm working on an old art trade I did with Nami-san on deviantART back in 2009 <3 And this time I see improvement xD


Old version~


WIP of the new one. Guess the only the characters and the 'mood' didn't change. Okay, I actually added more of them x'D

I definetely need new markers. Mine are running out of ink x_x

Freitag, 15. April 2011

remake time

Getting colder... actaully, it's quite the opposite, but oh well, can't help the title xD Besides, the sketch was done around February, so it actually made some sense (?)
Another work of my remake-crappy-old-work-into-newer-less-crappy collection :3

So would be the new version of "getting colder" from 2008


It was originally meant as a little gift to Hazu-chan, a friend from deviantART ^^ ~
Trying to get myself to color it now, but idk... Let's see.
Maybe I'll go beat my own highscore of Bubbles (on facebook) instead :'D

Mizuhi over n' out ~

Dienstag, 12. April 2011


Not so long ago I watched Alice in Wonderland. The Disney version from 2010. I thought it was quite nice. What I didn't think was that two days later i'd get the wonderland sugar-high. Wich is my Nyan's fault. Completely and enterely. Really!

So here I'm posting the sketches that crazy girl inspired me to draw at 5 a.m. xD
Mizusagi & Nyalice in W O N D E R L N D ~

She designed this really cute outfit for me ;////; Kyaaa~

The dress still needs to be retouched, as well as some accesoires.

All in all I really want to draw the whole 'series' we came up with while talking through the topic <3 Hopefully I'll get it done soon (which is hard, considering college just started agai. 2nd semester, mygosh x_x )

Uhm, yup, that's it xD
Take care~

Samstag, 19. März 2011


Some days you can't draw at all. Other days you just can't stop. All this stuff was from one fo those days ._. Well, most of it. Some are from other days. But I can't even remember clearly...


Quick headshot-doodle of Nyo-chan.


And another one of Kamui~ She definetely does NOT look like she's only 15...


... but sometimes, she behaves like one, at least :3 Really... only sometimes. Poor Shusui ;n;


Short scene from TLotND ^-^ it actually happened xD! And was sooo random O_oU SxR~


And this is how the pose ended up a few lines later (?)


And this... did not happen. It's just me being naughty and teasing Sunney ^^ Or maybe I should said Alekei, not me...


Speak about teasing... Otona-Mizuhi teasing lil' Luke. Somewhat based on a scene that happened, if I remember correctly. I am not sure where the original and where my fangirlism starts, though...

Freitag, 18. März 2011

Good old days

I was talking to a friend of mine on the internet one days when she asked me about how I got into animu and mango. Remembered how, way back, my best friend and me got to know CCS and Inu Yasha casualy... and thus got sucked into the otaku-world xD So nice memories... And so began the search for the lost artworks of those fabulous days ;w;9 And this is what I found...


AGH! I drew so horribly baaaaaaaaaaaaad xD And I think all of them are referenced on the mangas ._. I was so lame... And on top, I remember being soooo proud of these... Heh, though 90% of my works are in my friends closet <3>
Curious fact is... I can't draw them anymore ._. whenever I try to make a fanart of Inu Yasha, it turnes out... like it's not Inu Yasha. Jeez. How pathetic is that?

Well, I'll keep digging out stuff to post here :3
Take care!

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

When boredom becomes Creativity

Greetings and welcome to my first... blog-thing ^^;
I belive that if you are reading this, you surely accesed via deviantART... or were forced by me personaly, haha. Anyway, it means you kinda know me. Well... Or however you may want to call it. I just suppose you are familiar with the fact I love drawing/sketching manga xD! And that's also the reason for the existense of this blog...
I registered here many months ago and totally forgot about it. Now I re-discovered Blogger by chance and decided to give it a try. Honestly, I am not really the type to update this sort of thing frequently, but I realized that I may upload here all my WIPs, sketches and other doodles I don't want to spam my dA account with :D And maybe post random facts that happen to be on my mind :)
All in all, feel free to comment on anything here, be it about something I upload or just random xD I'll try to keep this thing alive, so you may contact me here if I am not around dA due to my fear of the overflowing inbox <3>


This was an attempt of an auto-portrait, based off a photo taken in spring 2010 <3


A lame fan-doodle of Honda Tooru from Fruits Basket, drawn while reading the end of the manga (I kept missing her smiling face ;_;)

Well, that's all for now xD
Stay healthy everybody :)