Montag, 12. September 2011

Something to live for

We all need such a thing.
I think it's a very lovely title, even if it's long x3
What title, you wonder?
Well, I did introduce some characters in the previous entries... if anybody cares to remember or check... Souken, Koemi and Fuu-chan.
The now do have a story. They are part of an RPG we started with Shinju (aka Fullanime) some time ago...
And I made some more little drawings.

A headshot of Souken. This fellow is quite funny~ I'm getting really attached to him nwn

And this is the latest character I created for the story. He has a lot to do with Souken, but since I haven't really introduced this part yet, I won't go further into that topic (otherwise I'd spoil the fun, nee, Ginko-chan n___n ?)

And last but not least, TLotND II!
We were talking about how the next generation would get along once they grow up a little more, and reached the conclusion that Nobu would be totally over-protective of 'his Yuki'. Since the twins were Nobus first and only friends and they grew up together, he must have developed some brotherly-feelings to her :3 Also, his dragon-blood plays a role in this - he's be as loyal as his father is to his feelings... We'll, no, He wouldn't be that extreme n__nU
Nee-chan has been trying really hard to motivate me ;//; I hope she will forgive me some day for being such a useless partner lately ;_________; Nee-chan, gomene!

Myeah. That's all. There is more stuff, but I don't feel like uploading more atm xD!
Stay healthy!

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  1. ohhh....cómo mola todo mega interesante :D cuenta más cosas!!xD
    (soy Eychan, pásate más por DA chica! jajaja)