Freitag, 22. Juli 2011


Well, sort off.
I tried to get down some of the art trads and prize arts I owe people on deviantART... but somehow I always end up demotivated and doodle some personal stuff instead >_>U

Well, these are from the past few days~

This little fellow's name is Fuu. She's a spirit, a mix of an fukuko and the goddess fortuna from... greek? (or roman?) mythology. You know. Fortuna is blind ;D
However, Fuu is not exacly blind. But she's really fun - I haven't officially used her yet, but fooled around with my Nyan about how she'd fit into an RPG of ours xD And with her extreme dear of water... oh well, she's just adorable xD Anyways, I have her story/character/powers all in my head, just waiting for her to appear somewhere - and there are more than one option :'D

This one... was totally random. I erased the second character that was sketched there, though ewe 'cause it'd be a spoiler. Though nobody would notice anyway since I am a lazy ass and haven't updated the story in 2 years, I think TT^TT oh well...
Anyway, that's Chiyo for you. Not looking too creepy, for once xD

I hope I get my tablet back soon *///* Not as if I was a big digital artist, but I come to love SAI more and more, and mouse-chan is just... it's too much for Mouse-chan, let's face it ;w; *hugs mouse-chan*

Uhm... that's all. My entries here are lame xD
Take care :3

Mizuhi over'n out~

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