Montag, 16. Mai 2011


I'm trying to cheer up. Life's been hard lately. Not exacly on me, but oh well...
First doodle in 2 weeks...

Oh Akio... You should know better than anybody that it's insane to flirt with Hikaru in front or Eri... right?
And Hikaru didn't even get your intentions.
Sen, you owe Eri a big favour :3

Donnerstag, 12. Mai 2011


Sometimes people get angry at you when you don't tell them what's going on with you and they only know about your misfortune at the very end.
They say you should have told them from the beginning.
That you should have asked for help.
That they would have wanted to be there for you.
To comfort you.
To hug you.

Some of them are pissed because you were suffering.
Others just because they weren't told and forget the subject right away.

Sometimes you go ahead and tell people straight ahead you're not doing well.
They say things like them feeling sorry for you.
That you may ask them for help anytime you need it.
That they will be there for you.
To comfort you.
To hug you.

Some of them will ask you then next time you talk how everythig turned out, how you are feeling.
Others will have forgotten.
And some of them will stop carring ten minutes later, after they consider they gave you enough pats on the head and forget the subject right away.

And then the day comes when they are in a shitty situation.

Those who encouraged you in the past, you'll try to help them as well.
Because you are grateful. Because you care. Because you don't want them to suffer. Because just want to.

But what about those which didn't really listen to you, but now expect you to react?

Are you generous enough to forgive and forget and do everything for them what they missed to do for you ?
Isn't that just naive?

Will you forgive while not forgetting, helping them anyway?
Are you really so noble?

Will you neither forgive nor forget but help because you don't want to be the same level as them?
Isn't that being fake?

Or will you be the same, pretend for 1 minutes you care, pat their head and change the subject just as they did?
Wouldn't you feel dirty?

Or will you will you reject them openly? Telling them you are offended because they didn't help you either?
Isn't that being too selfish?

Or making up excuses to not havng to listen to them?
Aren't you being a coward?