Dienstag, 27. September 2011

sou-chan no bouken

Just a quick update~
University starts next week and I feel like i haven't done anything art-related during my whole vacation. Plus, next semester I'll be doomed. Bluntly speaking.

Anyway, I've been doodling some stuff in my free time (when, for once, I had some sort of mood to daw, lol)


For some reason I don't even remember atm I decided to punish Souken by drawing him as a cute chibi with dog ears and tail :3
He's stalking Ginko in her sleep >D (bet he has some naughty thoughts in his head?)


Guess that was his reaction upon seeing himself all cuddly and cute :3 (he must hate me).


Aaand a more Souken-ish expression xD


Also working on redesigning Koemi a little (Souken, too), since I figured the original sketches I made of 'em where too hard for repeated drawing xD


This came out of nowhere. Literally. My bff's and my oldest oc's, from a comic that never ever recived a name xD It's been 10 years already... <3


Finally, this is what happens when you look up Lovely Complex fanart and realize your taller than your bff (?).

Long live randomness.
I think I have more doodles somewhere on my hard drive, but I'm too lazy to search. So I'll end for today owoU

Montag, 12. September 2011

Something to live for

We all need such a thing.
I think it's a very lovely title, even if it's long x3
What title, you wonder?
Well, I did introduce some characters in the previous entries... if anybody cares to remember or check... Souken, Koemi and Fuu-chan.
The now do have a story. They are part of an RPG we started with Shinju (aka Fullanime) some time ago...
And I made some more little drawings.


A headshot of Souken. This fellow is quite funny~ I'm getting really attached to him nwn


And this is the latest character I created for the story. He has a lot to do with Souken, but since I haven't really introduced this part yet, I won't go further into that topic (otherwise I'd spoil the fun, nee, Ginko-chan n___n ?)


And last but not least, TLotND II!
We were talking about how the next generation would get along once they grow up a little more, and reached the conclusion that Nobu would be totally over-protective of 'his Yuki'. Since the twins were Nobus first and only friends and they grew up together, he must have developed some brotherly-feelings to her :3 Also, his dragon-blood plays a role in this - he's be as loyal as his father is to his feelings... We'll, no, He wouldn't be that extreme n__nU
Nee-chan has been trying really hard to motivate me ;//; I hope she will forgive me some day for being such a useless partner lately ;_________; Nee-chan, gomene!

Myeah. That's all. There is more stuff, but I don't feel like uploading more atm xD!
Stay healthy!