Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

Summer Vacatiion~!

Oh yeah bby~ Finally =w=
Although his semester was not as loaded as the previous, it was still tedious... for various reasons, uni-related and others. Anyways, today I had to sit my last exam (for the time being), so, if ignoring the write-a-ten-page-assignement-part, it can be oficially said: Mizuhi's free xDD

Hyped as I am, it's time to spam with some old (and even some recent) stuff :'D

First, low-quality photos of my beloved paper children xDD


Sen-kun, biting me (how dare you?! I'm your creator!!)


And Akio giving a tiny-five in Barney Stinson style (yeah, I made that after watching the first season of How I met Your Mother XD ~ )


conceptual painting of an old, half-finished lineart of the wonderland series xD (did this a long time ago too...)


Two new OCs who are waiting to get into a certain story XD Koemi the Jorogumo and Souken the Okuri-inu =w= ~ Making them was fun >w<


And finally, a recent lineart, part of a art-trade-challenge-series-to-improve-our-skills we started with Shinju a while ago x3

So much grom me.
I'm doodling right now, too, so hopefully there will be fresh work some time soon (if nothing unexpected happens and I get kidnapped by my parents, for example)
So take care everybody owo

Mizuhi over'n out.